Latest Petrol Price Malaysiafor 15.Aug to 21.Aug

Petrol Price Malaysia (15.Aug to 21.Aug)

Petrol Price Malaysia (15.Aug to 21.Aug)

Malaysia petrol price start to have different price every week, every Friday, Government will inform the latest price for next week. That’s something interesting for all the Malaysian, is just like waiting exam result every week.

The latest price had been announced by government, let see what is the price for previous month…

Weekly Malaysia Petrol Price for RON95 RON97 and Diesel will be revealed every Friday,

Duration: 15.Aug to 21.Aug

RON 95 – RM 1.68 per litre (Increase RM 0.05)
RON 97 – RM 1.98 per litre (Increase RM 0.05)
Diesel – RM 1.82 per litre(Increase RM 0.03)

RON 95 RON97 Diesel all dropped price, do not fill petrol before it drop price, if not urgent condition.

Do follows Malaysia Petrol Price

Petrol Price Malaysia

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